Emily Chock

Business Development Consultant


Salon and Spa Essentials has been in the making since Emily was 5 years old! 


You would find Emily after school, crouched under her mom's reception desk at her salon.  She was taking it all in!  The conversations, the energy, the business. 

There was a favorite customer, Amelia Hanson, a farmer's wife that Emily loved.  Emily would sit on a chair with her legs crossed and say, "Hello Amelia, how was your day?"  Emily loved the atmosphere of the salon.

A short 16 years later, after countless hours in the salon, Emily attended The Aveda Institute - Minneapolis for Massage Therapy and then St. Paul College for Esthetics, graduating with honors from both programs.  Emily is also a Certified Master BodyMind Coach which brings everything together.

From crouching under her mom's reception desk to working in high-end salons/spas, from assisting in opening salons/spas to owning her own business, going on 15 years. Emily is excited to be an important part of the growth of your business.  Bring her in for a motivational talk at your next meeting,  connect with her on a complimentary consulting call or utilize Emily's gifts and talents through SSE ACADEMY.  

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Salon and Spa Essentials is dedicated to the growth of your business with straightforward strategies to achieve your next level of success.

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