Salon and Spa Essentials offers results in these 3 main areas through SSE Academy:


1) Customer Relations and Boundaries

2) Upselling, Rebooking, Retail Sales, and Confidence

3) Individualized Strategic Goal Setting, Business Building, and Consistency


SSE Academy is training specifically focused on areas the majority of businesses don't have time for, but these are ESSENTIAL SKILLS FOR SUCCESS. The essential key to increasing client retention, sales, and referrals, is the security your business needs.

Focusing on the clients that your business currently serves is where the longevity of success is.  Your repeat clients are the bread and butter of your business.  It is ESSENTIAL to invest in continued training to provide top-notch customer service, fine-tune boundaries, confidence, and consistency.

Training through SSE Academy is geared towards service providers, customer service representatives, managers, and owners.  From the very important area of personal development to business strategies, SSE Academy has you covered.

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